Recently, the Angolan Association of Renewable Energy (ASAER) was created, the non-profit association whose mission is to promote renewable energy in Angola.

Here is the full list of the elected governing bodies:

Board: Victor Fontes – President; Nuno Gomes – Vice-President; Alda Manuel – Member; Fernando Fernandes – Member; Pedro Torres – Treasurer. 


Fiscal Council: Luis Figueiredo – President; Jorge Nunes – Vice-President; Diassilwa João Vicente – Secretary. 

General Meeting Board: Luis Mourão – Chairman; Mário Fontes – Vice-Chairman; Ana Roque – Secretary. 

Our mission is to promote renewable energies in Angola.

And according to our vision, since Angola is a country with great energy resources of renewable origin, wind and especially hydro and solar, we believe that by developing, promoting and accelerating the use of all these renewable and endogenous energy resources, we are strongly contributing to mitigate the enormous deficit of access to energy by the population, and thus significantly contributing to the socio-economic development of our country, under the paradigm of environmental sustainability.  

These are our objectives:

  • To represent the interests of the Members, acting as the common voice of the Renewable Energy sector in Angola;
  • Promote awareness and dissemination of the use and appreciation of renewable natural resources for the sustainable development of Angola;
  • To be the interlocutor with the political, economic and social decision-making bodies, as well as any other national bodies or groups;
  • Promote the development of the market and Renewable Energy projects in Angola.
  • Promote and organise the training of national technicians needed for the sector.
  • To be a gateway, and a privileged interlocutor with national and foreign investors who want to invest in the Renewable Energy area in Angola.

ASAER currently has 44 members, including companies and professionals.

Join us!