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About Us – Angolan Renewable Energy Association


Angolan Renewable Energy Association

Asaer – Angolan Association of Renewable Energy, is a non-profit, voluntary association, endowed with its own legal personality, consisting of its members, legal persons (companies and institutions) and individuals.



Our mission is to promote renewable energy in Angola.


Angola is a country with large renewable energy resources, whether hydro, solar or wind, we believe that developing, promoting and accelerating the use of all these energy resources, we are strongly contributing to mitigate the huge deficit in access to energy by the populations , and also significantly contribute to the rapid socio-economic development of our country, under the paradigm of environmental sustainability.


  • Representing the interests of Associates, acting as the common voice of the Renewable Energy sector in Angola;
  • Promote awareness and dissemination of the use and valorization of renewable natural resources for sustainable development;
  • To be an interlocutor with political, economic and social decision-making bodies, as well as with any other national bodies or groups;
  • Promote the development of the market and projects for Renewable Energy in Angola.
  • Promote the training of national technicians needed by the sector.
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  • Promote the development of research, studies and projects of interest to the renewable energy sector;
  • Promote the collection, processing and dissemination of information relevant to the renewable energy sector;
  • Convene meetings and hold technical, economic and scientific events ;
  • Support official bodies in the legislative process linked to the sector with recommendations proposing the adoption of measures relevant to the sector;
  • Raise funding for the pursuit of activities it proposes to carry out, as well as for Associates' projects;
  • Promote and organize training actions with a view to establishing in Angola the technical-professional class at the service of Renewable Energy.